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Ubidoca commits to make every effort to guarantee you the absolute confidentiality of your mail and maximum security of your connections to your Customer Space.

No email is completely secure. That is why Ubidoca does not send you any scanned email. The only email you will receive from Ubidoca are automatic notifications whose content will not allow a malicious person to intrude into your Customer Space.

You access your Customer Space only with your username and password that you have created chen you register. No one else can access your Customer Space and read your mail.

Your mail are online on the day of reception in our premises, we do not know the mail since we do not read.

Within Ubidoca, each member of the team has signed a confidentiality clause under which he or she undertakes not to disclose any information regarding the company's activities and the customer data that it may be aware of in the performance of its which would be liable to harm the company and/or the customers. This obligation of confidentiality applies throughout the duration of the contract of employment and extends after the breach of it for any reason whatsoever.

Our premises are not accessible to the public for reasons of confidentiality and security. So you can't pick up your mail in person or have them picked up by a third person.

Your contact information and addresses are not communicated to any private or public body or to any individual (except as provided in 6.1).

This confidentiality may be waived in the event of a visit to our premises of the gendarmerie, the police, or bailiffs with an enforceable title. It may also be waived in the case of investigations and/or controls of the tax administration or of an ongoing legal proceeding or to be opened. Ubidoca It is then in the obligation, as a domicile company approved by the prefecture, to communicate all the information in its possession concerning the customer concerned. In no case will the latter be able to turn against Ubidoca for breach of the confidentiality of his coordinates, his mail and/or any other information concerning him and at the disposal of Ubidoca.


Address France Values -

You can register on our site and choose the start date of your plan with our interactive calendar. This will allow you to start making your mind serene.

You can change your forwarding address as many times as you want at no extra cost from your Customer Space.

You can add or remove options whenever you want (mail filtering, mail storage). For this just send us an email.

You come back several months in France and you plan to leave in a few months or a year. You can turn off and reactivate your simple request account. Your address Ubidoca will remain unchanged.

You have the possibility to give us proxy for a certain period (credit card reception, important mail for example) and then we stop the reception of the recommended on request.

You think one of our packages does not match you? We can make a custom quote.


Address France Values -

You receive your address Ubidoca By email once your registration is validated, we can start working for you From The next day.

Do you have a question? Our team is listening to you by phone or by email to answer your request best. We are trying to find the right solution for you together.

We strive to respond to your email as quickly as possible with a personalized response.

Need an urgent redispatch? Choose the routing method and your mail will be forwarded on the same day of your request.


Address France Values -

You can contact us easily from your interface.

Possibility to choose the frequency of forwarding of your mail. (see default shipping match table).

Activate and reactivate your account when you have to travel on separate periods.

You can cancel your account at any time. In this case, you must send an email to Customer Service. As long as you have not terminated your account, we continue to receive your mail and parcels and your package (+ any options) continue to be billed to you. No subsequent termination is accepted. You need to regularize your account so that it can be closed. If your account is credited, we will reimburse you on request Too much perceived With the exception of the current monthly plan. The provisions for unused postage are also reimbursed to you on request.

As part of the Virtual Office Cost, you can cancel your subscription by registered mail every 3 months with a 1 month notice.

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